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Development of a Risk Analysis and Management Training Module for the Belarusian State Border Guard Committee

20 December 2016 - 21 December 2016
The Transnational Threats Department/Border Security and Management Unit (TNTD/BSMU) launches its project on providing “Assistance to the State Border Guard Committee of the Republic of Belarus in improving its risk analysis and management system” with an inaugural workshop.

Subject: Border security and managementBorder security and management
Category: Conferences and meetings in Belarus

Agenda [English] (19.09 Kb)

Regional seminar on domestic violence for community policing practitioners in Minsk, Belarus

28 January 2014 - 29 January 2014
This regional seminar co-organized by the OSCE Secretariat Transnational Threats Department and Gender Section and UNFPA office in Minsk, aims to better understand, respond to and educate about the trend of domestic violence within the region with a specific focus on enhancing the response of non-traditional sector providers - actors involved in community policing.

Subject: Community policingCommunity policing
Category: Conferences and meetings in Moldova, Belarus

National round-table on community policing, Minsk, Belarus

21 October 2010 - 21 October 2010
This round-table is a follow-up event to the community policing study tour of the Belarusian MIA delegation to Hungary, which took place in September 2010, and aims to discuss the study tour findings and observations, thoughts, ideas and recommendations for further activities in the field of police and public partnerships.

Subject: Community policingCommunity policing, Crime preventionCrime prevention, Specialised police servicesSpecialised police services
Category: Conferences and meetings in Belarus

Workshop on democratic policing: police powers and oversight mechanisms, Minsk, Belarus

16 September 2009 - 17 September 2009
This workshop aims at raising awareness of the good law enforcement practices and gaps identified among practitioners of the criminal justice system, policy makers and decision-making structures of relevant Ministries, as well as to identify recommendations for the implementation of these good practices into daily work.

Subject: Arrest and detentionArrest and detention, Use of forceUse of force, Oversight, accountabilityOversight, accountability
Category: Conferences and meetings in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Caucasus

Workshop procedures [English] (42.71 Kb)
Порядок проведения рабочего совещания [Russian] (140.25 Kb)
Аннотированная повестка дня [Russian] (173.17 Kb)
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Training of trainers on behaviour skills at Minsk Police Training Centre, Minsk, Belarus

4 August 2008 - 8 August 2008
The five-day training course was aimed at enhancing the Police Training Centre's curriculum by introducing modern concepts of necessary communication and behaviour skills, in order to better enable police cadets in their future professional interactions and communication with the population. The course was designed to train police trainers (train-the-trainer scheme) who will be using the acquired skills and knowledge for training their police cadets at the Police Training Centre.

Subject: Community policingCommunity policing, Training and educationTraining and education
Category: Conferences and meetings in Belarus

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