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Public Order Management Course, Yerevan, Armenia

The OSCE Office in Yerevan organized a 2-day practical training course for new members of the Police Patrol Regiment. The course covered various approaches to communication, proportionality in the use of force, negotiation techniques, police accountability, detaining procedures, etc.


During 2012 a four-day course was delivered to the whole of the 4th Battalion of the Patrol Service, who were newly formed, in the areas of Communication, Use of Force and Negotiation Skills. Since that time new members have joined the 4th Battalion and a 5th Battalion has been formed that now provides the new image of policing at the International Airport, Gumri and Karabach. To support those new arrivals it was felt beneficial to deliver a shorter two-day course in the key areas from the previous course.

The participants (33) were slightly different to the 2012 attendees with many already established members of the Patrol Service who all participated well throughout. A small number displayed signs of previous ‘Patrol Service’ thinking, which had to be challenged in light of the expected image of these new battalions.

Various approaches to communication were covered as well as the proportionate use of force and their accountability. Prisoner handling was a particular element, as this is often seen across the police as poor. Issues still exist over clear practical guidance / training on the use of handcuffs as an early means of control to prevent further escalation and through that the likelihood for the use of force by the police to control the offender decreases. The male versus female or vice versa interaction, particularly when committing offences remains a problem (cited as cultural).

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OSCE\Office in Yerevan

6 June 2013 - 7 June 2013

Yerevan, Armenia

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3 September 2013

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