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Admission to the OSCE: 25 June 1973

Policing overview: The Department of the Interior, besides being in charge of worships, national education, cultural affairs, youth and sports, is also responsible for implementing public policies in the area of public security, in addition to the fire rescue. In terms of policing, the Department of the Interior consists of the Direction of Public Safety and the Military Force or “Prince's Carabiniers”.

Direction of Public Safety

1. Functions and missions
2. Structure and organization

1. Functions and missions
Within the Department of the Interior, the Direction of Public Safety deals with traditional police tasks.

2. Structure and organization
The Direction of Public Safety comprises Divisions of Criminal, Urban, Administrative, Maritime and Airport Police with the following structure and organization:

The Criminal Police Division falls under the administrative authority of the Director of Public Security. For criminal matters, it relies on the judicial authority (e.g. the appeals court, general prosecutor or investigative judge, depending on the nature of the case). The Division is composed of three specialized sections: Criminal Investigations, with brigades for research and intervention, criminal delegations and economic and financial investigations; Criminal Identity, which deals with Interpol-related issues; and Resources.

The Urban Police Division is a unit in charge of co-ordination of police forces in uniform, a General Police Brigade, a Specialized Intervention Unit responsible for sensitive missions (e.g. protection of foreign personalities), an Operational Command Centre and a Secretariat to the Police Court.

The Administrative Police Division deals with the activities of prefecture concerning the entry and the stay of the foreign people. It also controls some activities subject to preliminary authorization.

The Division of the Administration and the Formation deals with the general administration, the logistics and the human resources management.

The Maritime and Airport Police Division is responsible for control activities along the littoral and at the heliport. The Maritime Section controls and registers passengers in transit, is in charge of national waters surveillance, including submarine natural resources, and sea-rescue. The Trans-border and Heliport Control Section oversees border police missions.

Each time the Prince and His Familiy travel outside the Palace, they will be under the permanent and sole protection of the “Groupe de sécurité”. Within the Palace, that function is taken over by the “Carabiniers of the Prince”.

Police Force "Prince's Carabiniers"

1. Functions and missions
2. Staff data

1. Functions and missions
Since its creation, the Company of the Prince’s Carabiniers’ mission has been to guard the Palace and protect the Royal Family. It also upholds the rule of law and public order and participates in most official ceremonies taking place in Monaco.

2. Staff data
As of 2006, the staff of 112 included three commissioned officers, 15 non-commissioned officers and 94 officers.

Criminal Justice System

1. Functions and missions
2. Structure and organization

1. Functions and missions
The 1972 Constitution of Monaco laid down all justice-related principles. Accordingly, justice was to be dispensed and upheld by the courts in the name of the Prince of Monaco. Because the judiciary was created totally independent from the executive power, there is no Counsellor for Justice within the Government of Monaco. The Director of the Department reports to the Prince and his/her role and powers are comparable to those of a Minister of Justice.

2. Structure and organization
The Justice system is organized according to the attached chart.


  Organization chart - Monaco Justice System [Francés] (84.42 Kb) Organization chart - Monaco Justice System [Francés] (Formato:PDF) http://polis-cp.osce.org/countries/view?item_id=55&attach_id=130
Organization chart of the Justice System of the Principality of Monaco


Deparment of the Interior of the Government of the Principality of Monaco  Deparment of the Interior of the Government of the Principality of Monaco http://en.gouv.mc/Government-Institutions/The-Government/Ministry-of-Interior
Official web page of the Deparment of the Interior of Government of the Principality of Monaco, in French and English.

Monaco Mayor’s office  Monaco Mayor’s office http://www.monaco-mairie.mc/
Official website of the Monaco Mayor’s office

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Legislationline is a gratis internet-based legislative database published and maintained by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR).

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