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General Information

Admission to the OSCE:  25 April 1996 

Policing overview: The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for defining the general objectives for the police. The National Police of Andorra (El Cos de Policia d’Andorra) is an integral service operating throughout the country to guarantee the exercise of citizens' rights and freedoms, as well as to protect persons and goods.

National Police

1. General information
2. The Directorate of the Police
3. The Divisions
4. The Groups

1. General information
The organizational structure of the national police consists of the Directorate of the Police, four divisions executing the various missions of the police, and two functional groups.

2. The Directorate of the Police
directs police activities throughout the country. Its members are nominated by the Government based on proposals from the Ministry of the Interior.

The Directorate - composed of a Director, a Deputy Director who has the grade of police commissioner, a secretary, a planning and human resources officer and an administrative assistant - responds to requests from judicial authorities, as well as from the Ministry of Finance.

3. The Divisions
There are four Divisions with the following responsibilities:

  • The Division of Criminal Police is in charge of criminal investigations and divided into two investigation units. The first one, responsible for investigations aimed both at prevention and repression of misdemeanors, is organized into specialized sections on drugs, juveniles, domestic violence, general affairs, organized crime and money laundering. The second investigates crimes brought to its attention and is also responsible for cases of alpine accidents. Also in this area is the National Central Office of Interpol, the international organization of criminal police.
  • The Division of Public Security and Proximity comprises two uniformed units whose role is to ensure the overall safety and security of citizens. The Unit for Citizens' Security is a proximity police aiming at preventing offences and maintaining public order. The Unit for Citizens' Awareness, a detachment of the central police, operates the Information Room, answers public queries, co-ordinates external services and supervises detention conditions.
  • The Division of Police Support is responsible for operational support to the other divisions, as well as to the Directorate. It comprises six departments: analysis of criminal information; legal matters; information technology; training; prevention and social orientation; and management.
  • The Division of Transit and Borders comprises two uniformed units: the Circulation Unit (motorcycle patrols to supervise the movement of vehicles at the national borders and intervene in case of accidents) and the Borders Unit (in charge of border immigration control) that works in co-operation with the Department of Immigration.

4. The Groups
Six groups - for the protection of VIPs, for disactivation of explosives, order maintenance, emergency situations, sniffer and dog training and mountain - are formed by specialized members of the previous divisions; are assembled in response to specific needs; and are assisted by colleagues from neighbouring countries, organizing joint training programmes.

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Official website of the National Police of Andorra (El Cos de Policia d’Andorra)

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Official website of the Government of Andorra

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