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General Information

Admission to the OSCE: 25 June 1973

Policing overview: The only policing body in the Principality of Liechtenstein is the National Police (Landespolizei).

National Police

1. Functions and missions
2. Staff data 

1. Functions and missions
The National Police of Liechtenstein is tasked with:

  • maintaining law and public order;
  • investigating crime in accordance with the principles of the Code of Criminal Procedure;
  • controlling and supervising road traffic;
  • assisting authorities to fulfill their duties in keeping with the respective laws and provisions;
  • preventing crime and accidents;
  • assisting in case of natural or man-made disasters; and
  • searching for persons reported missing.

2. Staff data
The National Police numbers about 85 officers and 33 civilian staff members.

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Criminal Justice System

1. General information
2. Prosecution

1. General information
Jurisdiction in civil and criminal matters is exercised in the first instance by the Court of Justice; in the second instance by the Court of Appeals; and in the third and final instance by the Supreme Court. On behalf of the Reigning Prince of Liechtenstein, administrative jurisdiction is exercised by the Administrative Court and, in some cases, also by the Constitutional Court.

2. Prosecution
In cases where the Public Prosecutor deems that a report or file indicates that there are sufficient grounds for a criminal prosecution, he requests the examining magistrate to initiate a preliminary investigation. The latter notifies the Public Prosecutor of the results of this investigation and, on the basis of these findings, the Public Prosecutor decides whether to issue an indictment or drop the case.

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